January 31, 2015   

Welcome to the Universe Online Portal. You will do all of your university related business inside this area.

This is also the launch point to get to your class. The weekend before classes start, a new icon will appear on near the red New User Registration button. By clicking on the IZIO icon on the right side of this page just above the Cookie Settings link, you will launch to the classroom area. However, classes do not start until the official start date. Faculty will be making changes to their class up until the start of terms.

Anytime you have changes to your personal information, click on Student Profile, then click on Edit at the bottom and fill out the form. You must also send an email to virtual@uiwtx.edu so we can update our records.

To register, or just to see the class list for the new term,click on Classes to the left. Select your course and simply click on the course number to go to the “store“ to finalize your class.

For information on ordering your text book for an upcoming class, setting up your remote access to the UIW Library, or simply to download a necessary student form, click on the Resources tab.

Everyone needs to click on the Orientation tab to go through some simple screen shots that will show you how to use the Izio program, which is what we will be using to do classes.

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  Quick Links 

Q.  How Do I Contact the VU Staff?
Q.  How do I drop my course?
Q.  What is the last day to withdraw and get a W?
Q.  How Do I Register For Courses?
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