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Students are not dropped or withdrawn from courses if they do not attend.

> Tuition will be refunded at 100% (minus a $50 fee per class) if the student drops before the end of the first week of classes (notification must be before Friday @ 5:00 pm).

> Students may withdraw up to the end of the sixth week (Notification must be before Friday @ 5:00 pm) without academic penalty. A fee of $50 per class will be assessed. The student is responsible for full tuition as well. A grade of W will be issued.

> It is not possible to withdraw from a three-semester-hour course after the sixth week of the term.

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Remember to Update Your Profile 
If your name, address, phone, or other personal information has changed, do not forget to update your profile for this portal. Students names that do not match those found in the class rosters will not get the book requests approved.  
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Orientation to Using Izio 
Take this small orientation to get acquainted with IZIO. Log in information to access the Orientation course is: Username: N_Student1 Password: 84809.  Read more...
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If the IZIO page does not load after clicking the IZIO button, please click the "continue" link for information on how to adjust your browser cookie settings.  Read more...
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ADCaP Student and Cardinal Mail 
All students and faculty in ADCaP are encouraged to use their Cardinal Mail for all correspondence with the University. Paste the link below in your browser to access your cardinal Mail: Students can also forward Cardinal Mail to another email account. To view a video and get written instructions, go to  
General Announcements 
This portal is only for students attending ADCaP classes and its use is limited to requesting and downloading textbooks for ADCaP classes. Students have until the end of the second week of each term to download their books. After that time the books will no longer be available. Students enrolled in UIW Online classes must enter their class via the Universe Online portal to get access to the textbook.  
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